Active Projects Projects available for production use

Traffic Cop is a piece of software that runs on OpenWRT routers, allowing users to choose a network they would like to emulate once they connect to this special router via WiFi/ethernet. This enables developers to test their apps/sites on a lower quality network with any WiFi/ethernet capable devices.

iTAD OmniPlatform is an omnidirectional robotics platform measuring 2 feet across capable of driving 120lb of weight. Originally developed for the iTAD fourth year project, the system now serves as an excellent robotics research platform.

Funnel is lightweight static website generator with blog posts written in Python. This website is created using this and deployed via Giotown.

Inactive Projects No longer with any development

Projecto is an all-in-one project management system designed for fast moving teams. Written with AngularJS and Flask, it is an excellent example of a contemporary web application.

Gioku is a clone of Github Pages for your own server with SSL certificates support, enabling one command push-to-deploy from anywhere.

Offline SUMO is an app for Firefox/Firefox OS that provides content offline entirely using HTML5 technologies.

Riakkit is an object mapper for Riak that's similar to MongoKit and CouchdbKit.

Levelupdb is a drop in replacement for Riak designed for single node operation. It is designed to have high performance and a low footprint. Written in Go.

Colorado School Grade Visualizations is a grade visualizer developed for a Kaggle Competition. Written in Python + BackboneJS with a touch of SciPy/NumPy in the back.

Automatic Document Classification is a text news classifier based on Bayes Theorem. Developed for a high school statistics class.

Go Pong is a pong game clone with the ability to move horizontally. Written in Go as a learning project. The image links to a video of it in action.

Sudbury Bus Tracker is an unofficial bus tracker written for the city of Greater Sudbury, Ontario as the official one sucked. Uses technologies such as Appcache and IndexedDB.

Other Projects Projects for knowledge or fun in the early days of my programming career

I did this when I first learned programming. Back then, I was intrigued about how Eclipse was able to have a really small core size and accomplish everything with plugins. Without realizing it, I developed a topological sorting algorithm that worked. Was quite impressed (and disappointed in my implementation) when I learned topological sorting after the fact.
AI Server
A server designed for me to take a peek into the networking world. Also, easy to use for simple turn based games with a horrible horrible protocol.
Back in the days of PHP (and when I didn't have access to anything other than shared hosting), I had a great interest in developing a system that could mimic the effects of Django in PHP. However, it turned out that PHP was not a language that I could make that happen without a considerable amount of headaches. After many weeks of head scratching, I finally gave up on the project and transfered my entire web development efforts into Python. This also briefly ran a local business website.
A regex based data-mining Pidgin Log Parser. Born out of a MSN conversation, this parser could mine words for each person and what not.

More Projects Ahead

Github Contributions

Since I just come up with things from time to time, this list may not be exhaustive. Follow me on Github and Gitlab to find out more about what I am doing!