Happy Monday: Meta blogging

Written by Shuhao on 2013-11-04 14:45

Happy Monday folks! It is two days away from two major exams for me, so I better keep my tradition of writing posts at slightly inconvenient times.

It occurred to my that over the years, I have written plenty of code. I would also say that I have gotten a lot better as a programmer from all the practice that I had.

Over the same time, the amount of words that I write went down. As an engineering student, there are very few assignments that make us write things without tainting it with pages and pages of tables, equations, and diagrams. This lack of practise has put me out of touch with communicating with writing as I often struggle to write about things and events that I find interesting. On top of that, English is my second language and writing in it is not my strong suit to begin with, so I feel like this is a problem that I have to address.

Incidentally, it is also NaNoWriMo, where people try to write an entire novel in a month. In honour of that, I thought I would try to take some time out of my schedule to write. Not a novel (I know :[), but blogposts on things that I find interesting.

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